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We connect the dots of time through history.  Black Greek lettered Organizations are a part of that history and will continue to be for the future.  It is the partial history of a people faced with racism, discrimination, exclusion and being ostracized and not allowed to join the social organizations of the society in which they live.

We design and offer with reflective thought, products that reflect this heritage.  The significant years of 1906-1908-1911-1913-1914-1920-1922 and 1963 are forever branded in time.  These years has set forth the foundation for,  Alpha Phi Alpha-Alpha Kappa Alpha-Kappa Alpha Psi-Omega Psi Phi-Delta Sigma Theta-Phi Beta Sigma-Zeta Phi Beta-Sigma Gamma Rho and Iota Phi Theta.  This we embrace, this we cherish, this we love...Know your story, tell the story and conquer the world.